President: Peter McMaster
Vice-President: David Neilson
Hon Secretary: Alan Clark
Hon Tresurer: David Brodie
Assistant Treasurer: Peter McMaster
Match Secretary: Bill Kent
2 Year Term - Angus Clark, K. Learmonth, J. McIntyre, A. Marshall, G. Sloey and G. Stevenson
1 Year Term - H. Canavan, S. Charnley, T. Hayhoe, H. Hughes, P. Hughes, J. Reid and J. Walker
Serving 1 Year (by co-option) P Hughes, A. Marshall, D. Neilson and L. Russell
EX-OFFICIO G. Sloey, immediate past Presiedent
Finance & Bar - D. Brodie, T. Hayhoe, H. Hughes, K. Learmonth, G. Stevenson
Property - Angus Clark, T. Hayhoe, K. Learmonth, A. Marshall, J. Reid
Bowls and Selection - B. Kent, J. Reid, G. Sloey, J. Walker
Events - H. Canavan, T. Hayhoe, K. Learmonth, A. Marshall, G. Stevenson
Green Ranger: - T. Gracie
Umpires - All Directors with R. Cowan, A. Lindsay, P. Ritchie, B. Strachan
Social Conveners - K. Learmonth, H. Canavan, S. Charnley, H. Hughes
Social Committee - All Directors.